5 Reasons you should buy a Google Pixel 2

Is the Pixel 2 really that great?

Google launched the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL at the Google event on 4th of October. If you by any chance missed the event and are looking for quick updates about the event then click here. A lot of good products and services were announced by Google, you must definitely check it out.

Now talking about the main star of the show, the smartphones we have all been so hyped about, the Google Pixel 2. The Pixel 2 is the second iteration of Pixel series of smartphones by Google and a direct competition to Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Now why should you choose Pixel 2 over any other smartphone in the market. Here’s 5 reasons why you should.

  • The first reason is the Camera. The first Pixel’s camera was one of the best camera in smartphone during the previous year. This years Pixel 2 ups the notch a bit with “dual pixel technology“, OIS and other tech stuff. Pixel 2 doesn’t use a dual camera setup because Google says there’s no need for that. You can capture high quality shots and even use features like Apple’s portrait mode without the need of a second lens, the Pixel 2 camera is just that great. It even got a score of 98 in DXO tests, (the iPhone 8 plus got 94). This phone will really come in handy if you like mobile photography.
    Pixel 2
  • Infinite Google Drive storage. Yes, you read that right. Google allows Pixel users to store as much data as they can onto the Gdrive cloud without any extra fees. This means infinite cloud storage for Pixel 2 users and that too for free. Google automatically backs up your captured photos and recorded videos on the cloud in high resolution, without compromising with the quality. As said earlier, definitely a phone for a photographer.Pixel 2
  • The “Always On” display is back. The always on displays have been a nice thing for the earlier phones, but they were not quite successful because of problems such as high battery drain. Google’s new technology and AI will allow the display to remain ON at all times without compromising the battery. It is good to see all your notifications on screen at a glance without pressing the power button. Along with the always on display, Pixel 2 also features an always on microphone which will allow easier Assistance from Google Assistant and will also be able to detect and recognize which song is being played near the smartphone. Neat feature.Pixel 2
  • Google Lens support and AR features are great. Hate it or love it AR and VR are the new trend. Apple showcased the iPhone 8’s AR capabilities in its launch event which were great imo, especially the animated virtual characters. Google also followed Apple’s steps and included hardware support for the AR features in the Pixel 2. Google claims that its camera is AR supported and you can captures images and record while interacting with the virtual characters in real-time.Pixel 2
  • The Pixel 2 is promised to get security updates for over 3 years. Google Play store is a wide market, and Android is open-source too. This means that anybody who knows programming is able to create apps for Android. Although this is great, but it also means that many malwares, and exploits can disguise themselves as apps and can breach the security of your smartphone. This may lead in data leaks, data cloning, device hacking and many other stuff. It is vital for your smartphones to get security updates regularly so that your device may stay safe from all that stuff and Google promises that it will provide regular security updates for the device over the span of 3 years, which is really great.Pixel 2

You can buy the The Pixel 2 at $649 for 64GB and $749 for 128GB variant. At this price-point and the features, this is a really good phone and definitely a contender for the best smartphone of this year. Stay updated with TheMicrople to follow latest news updates and reviews. See ya.




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