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Firefox Focus

“A free, fast and easy to use private browser”

There have been a ton of web browsers on both the iOS app market and android play store, but none of them provides the minimalist feel and freedom of using the Firefox Focus browser. It’s one of the most minimal, simple and fast browser currently available for the app markets. Simple and minimalist means doesn’t mean that the browser is short of features. The Firefox Focus browser contains some of the most essential features some of which you won’t be able to find in any other browser.

Firefox Focus

First of all, Firefox Focus is a private browser. This means that it won’t keep track of your browsing activities, it works just like the incognito mode of Chrome and InPrivate mode of regular Firefox browser. It automatically blocks trackers that follow your browsing activity. Blocking the trackers automatically makes the web-pages load fast and be quite responsive.

It’s not a memory hogger. The Firefox Focus browser being minimalistic takes up very less amount of your device’s RAM. If you are using a cheap memory device and still want an overall good experience, then give the Firefox Focus browser a try.

Firefox Focus

One of the smallest browser in the market right now. The Firefox Focus browser only takes about 2-3 MB of memory space on your device. Unbelievable right? It looks like the Firefox team decided to design a browser while keeping the budget range smartphones in mind.

Wipe your browsing history quickly by one click of a button. You can easily delete your browsing data including the history, login info, cookies, passwords, etc., with a single button and whenever your mood strikes.

Firefox Focus

It’s one of the fastest browser available in the market right now. Due to its tracker blocking abilities, and minimal memory hogging, the browser is extremely quick. The bandwidth consumption is also quite low because most of the ads and trackers are automatically blocked by the browser which quickly takes a lot of your precious bandwidth.

How to download:

To download the Firefox Focus web browser for your device, you can click on the following links:



There have been currently no news about the windows release of the browser, but a version will most probably release soon.

What are your thoughts about the Firefox Browser? Please share your personal experiences with the browser in the comments box down below.


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