How to Equip Your AirPods with Cheap Wireless Charging

How to Equip Your AirPods with Cheap Wireless Charging

Once upon a time, Apple showed us a beautiful picture. The picture shows the wireless charging of the AirPower, on which both the iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods are lying and charging at the same time. Waiting for the AirPower output can be a long time, as well as a case with wireless charging for the AirPods headphones. Pay for all this will be decent because it’s accessories from Apple. But the truth is that right now you can add wireless charging to your AirPods for $15.

Airplus Airpods
On Kickstarter, a campaign was launched to collect pre-orders for a case with wireless charging support for AirPods. The accessory is called AirPlus. Today, you can pay $15 and get AirPlus as early as next month. After the start of sales, the case will cost $30.

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As you already understood, the main feature of the AirPods case is the support for wireless charging of the Qi standard. Creators assure that with it the charging of the headphones will take no more time than it takes to charge the wire.

Airplus Specs
Also, the case protects the AirPods case from falls and scratches, and also adds protection against moisture ingress. Its thickness is only 2.5 millimeters, so, your case will not become too cumbersome. The cover is available in six colors: white, black, red, grey, blue and pink. As you can see, almost all the colors are combined with the colors of Apple’s smartphones.

After you put the case on, you will have access to the button for pairing and a light indicator. The only access to the charging connector will be lost, but you will not need it if you use wireless charging.

As a pleasant bonus, leaving pre-order, you will receive a strap for wearing AirPods in the AirPlus case. What a wonderful accessory.

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