Apple Watch Series 3: With Apple Heart Study, Cellular Built-in, Siri and More.

Apple Heart Study Watch

Apple introduced several key features in its newest watch series 3. It was an awakening moment as Apple introduced its series 3 with impressive features like Apple Heart Study, Cellular built-in, Siri, Messages and more.

Apple Heart Study will go live in the USA this year but how important is it to the community and heart study research?

Apple Heart Study: details and new heart-tracking features.

Well, the Apple Watch series 3 is getting an improved heart-rate monitoring system. The watch is geared among other features with a focus on the heart.

The watch will detect common heart conditions like atrial fibrillation as well as notifying wearers of their heart rate jumps up signaling a potential problem especially when they are not exercising.

Atrial fibrillation affects tens of millions of people (as stated by NHS) which often goes undiagnosed. This sees the introduction of Apple Heart Study feature in watch series 3 to track and provides detail features and data for research and study for better management and treatment.

Apple Heart Study monitor

To show its solidarity and endeavor to its innovation, Apple is partnering with clinicians at Stanford University for a study to determine the accuracy of the watch in detecting abnormal heart rhythms or arrhythmias in Apple Watch wearers.

Apple Heart Study has been working closely with FDA and has launched services like HealthKit and ResearchKit designed to provide biometric feedback to doctors and patients. All this are a foundation to the nationwide Apple Heart Study as the watches are set to the public soon.

Apple will also provide other health apps like Breathe App and other third-party health apps. Furthermore, to achieve even this goal effectively, Apple Watch 3 provides a powerful Health Tool App on iPhone.

third party Apple Heart Study

One app for all your health and fitness data to keep your body top of mind.

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