Early reviews on Apple’s Alexa competitor

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Apple’s smart speaker goes on sale on Friday. Early reviewers liked its sound quality, but criticized its Siri features and its incompatibility with Android and Spotify. The HomePod is clearly more expensive than competing products from Amazon and Google.

People who pre-ordered Apple’s smart speaker, HomePod, will receive them on Friday.

If you’re still confused whether to purchase it or not then don’t worry. This early reviews might not convince you to buy the $350 iPhone speaker.

Reviewers focused on high-quality sound, bass, incomplete Siri operations and functions. Overall incompatibility with Spotify and Android phones has been discussed in reviews published on Tuesday. So here are some reviews from the most trusted places

apple homepod

New York Times

“But Siri on HomePod is embarrassingly inadequate, even though that is the primary way you interact with it. Siri is sorely lacking in capabilities compared with Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant. Siri doesn’t even work as well on HomePod as it does on the iPhone.”

The Verge

“You can’t ask Siri to look up a recipe. Also You can’t ask Siri to make a phone call (You have to start the phone call on your phone and transfer it to the HomePod). Siri also can’t compete with the huge array of Alexa skills, or Google Assistant’s ability to answer a vast variety of questions.”


“But if you own an iPhone, an Apple Music subscription and at least one HomeKit device, then you are the target market for a fantastic sounding $349 speaker that works best with all of that stuff.”


“But HomePod, like the audio vacuum it was tested and developed in, exists in a silo that doesn’t seem to take into account how people actually use smart speakers. It works supremely well within Apple’s orbit, but not outside of that. The HomePod’s software, in its current iteration, doesn’t work where many people live — on Android phones or in Spotify — and that keeps a good smart speaker from being a great one.”

USA Today

“At the same time, the new speaker can be an exercise in frustration at times, especially when you request something of Siri that Apple’s digital assistant can’t deliver on HomePod. In answering to your “Hey Siri” vocal commands, Apple’s assistant can perform many of the same table-stakes tasks as Amazon’s Alexa on Echo’s or the Google Assistant on Google Home speakers—from setting timers and reminders to informing you of the weather and traffic, turning on smart lights, or solving math.”

apple homepod

My Verdict

In my opinion there are better options available at much cheaper price and with better performance. Which you could buy and you would not have to dig deep in your pockets.

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