Face ID Questioned After 10 Year Old Unlocks Mom’s iPhone X

Face ID
Image Source: 9to5Mac

Since the launch of Apple iPhone X, people have resorted to various means just to dupe that Face ID Unlock feature which Apple claimed was more secure than Touch ID. The Face ID has failed miserably before the twins test, and Apple had to release a statement that Face ID is indeed helpless if your pesky twin decides to put his/her hands on your new device. It is indeed easy for a twin to dupe the Face ID feature and unlock the device.

However, security concerns are on the rise after a video surfaced where a kid of 10 years was able to unlock his mother’s iPhone X secured by her facial features in the very first attempt. It seems like the Face ID feature is not as foolproof and secure as announced by Apple during the launch of iPhone X.

Let’s check in details how the Apple’s flagship was fooled.



The video above is a short demonstration of the kid bypassing the unlock feature. It can be seen that the kid has his mother’s cheeks. This prompts us to believe that anyone with a bit of resemblance to you might just end up unlocking your device. The story just does not end with this 41-second video with further reports that the mother registered her face under different and brighter lighting conditions again, but kid’s face was not able to unlock the device. When recorded for the third time under dimmer lighting conditions replicating the initial instance, the kid found success again.

This again raises questions on the claims made by Apple about the mechanism of Face ID where an infrared camera takes an image, and in combination with over 30 thousand IR dots from the dot, projector creates an ID of the face that is unique to each face. You surely can’t call this image unique anymore after seeing the kid beat Apple in its own game. Apple also said in its demonstration that such imagery cannot be replicated by any mask, but the video below (with subtitles) shows that the Face ID can be duped with a mask too.




Reports have been pouring in from all corners of the globe, and people have been uploading their success stories in bypassing Apple’s prized unlock feature for quite some time now. Apple has been approached with a fix for all these concerns, and their reply is awaited. After all, the flagship feature of a flagship device is under the scanner and the privacy of millions are at stake.

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