macOS Sierra vs Windows 10: Why Microsoft Lose?

I know this is a heated debate to the fans of Microsoft and MacOS. Nonetheless, we ask which the better desktop OS is: macOS Sierra or Windows 10?

Yes, its Mac vs. PC. Not Apple vs. Microsoft. But at the end, it’s all about technology rivalry, user experience, compatibility, and simplicity.Since both comes with different approach and environment, we compare the user experience, their interfaces, and features on both macOS Sierra vs. Windows 10 comparison.

Since both comes with various approach and environment, we compare the user experience, their interfaces, and features on both macOS Sierra vs. Windows 10 comparison.

macOS Sierra v Windows 10:

  • Design & Interface: I bet this is the most loved feature every man loves when it comes to electronics in line with technology. Good design attracts. This means the design of consumer products should be wise and universal. Windows 10 offers a built-in tablet mode as well as making the start menu focus on apps. Microsoft also had the great idea to design its windows with larger touch targets makes it easy to use the OS on more than one device. Its cross-device platform, unlike macOS. This gives Microsoft a big win in providing greater options.
  • Multitasking: Both offer virtual desktops, but Microsoft let you do more at once. It lets you snap four different windows into a grid, unlike Apple which only has two apps at a once split view. This phenomenon depends on how used are you when dealing with multiple apps at a time but Microsoft win on thismacOS Sierra vs Windows 10
  • Siri vs. Cortana: this is an eternal war on voice assistant. Not only on Siri and Cortana. We have other voice assistants from other great companies trying to win the small majority regarding their smartness and importance. Both Siri and Cortana now handle contextual follow-up questions, and in this situation, there is a draw but time will tell which will be far smarter.
  • Web Browsing: the internet is the future of our information. Browsers are every day being tested and improved to better create a warm environment for the internet users. In this regards, we are comparing Microsoft’s Edge browser vs. Safari. Safari has more extensions than Edge. Furthermore, both browsers let you pin tabs that you always want to read, but of the two, only Safari lets you noisy mute tabs. But should this be a reason? We have other super browsers you can alternatively use for your daily task.
  • Phone Integration: this a win for Apple again. They have the power to make both their Macs and iPhone work in harmony since they produce both,

“Windows 10 Anniversary Update added the ability to send SMS messages through your phone from your PC, but it can’t take calls from your phone, which Macs can.”

What’s More?

Apple also added a new universal Clipboard which lets you text on one device and paste it in the other. macOS Sierra vs Windows 10: phone intergration

How about Auto Unlock? Apple wins by far when it comes to cross-platform integration.

  • Price & Updating: Windows 10 cost around $119 while macOS Sierra is the latest in a long line of Apple desktop operating systems that are free forever. How about OS update schedules? Last time Windows 7 users were made to upgrade their OS to Windows 10 free for its first year. Later this costs them $119. As for Apple, it’s free, without asterisks and on your schedule. Apple lets you update your operating system when you’re ready.

More feature to compare? Please give us some comments on which OS is better for your needs. Ooh, sharing is caring. Hit the share button and spread the word.

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  1. The multitask & virtual windows work differently. I don’t believe Microsoft winds this one.
    as argued in this article, win10 you can snap in 4 different windows on a page and MacOS only 2 – from the outsider looking in, that IS true, however; on MacOS the split view is actually running 2 apps in FULL SCREEN side by side.

    this is Huge when using apps like “VMware Horizon View” or citrix apps (virtual desktops) – when I resize those windows that are side by side my VDI desktop (windows 7 in this case) will resize.

    the windows 10 counter part doesn’t offer this

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