Sarahah : An anonymous messaging app for iOS and Android

Yes you heard that right. Sarahah is an instant messaging app like many others in the iOS app market and play store. Its especiality is that it allows its users to send messages anonymously to other people who are currently using the app and that too without having the need to log in. According to the developers of the app, Sarahah helps people self-develop by receiving constructive anonymous feedback.

How exactly does it work?


The idea behind the app is simple. You need to create a public Sarahah profile if you want some public feed backs on it. So the first step is to create a public Sarahah profile. Now people will visit your profile and provide their feedback. Other people can view your profile by searching through the app or through direct linking of profile. All the users viewing your profile can provide their feedback whether being logged in or not. This raises quite a controversy as anonymous messaging increases the risks of cyber-bullying. This may effect some people who easily give in to bullying.
Many users on the the google play store have reported the app for this reason and also many reviews state of the hateful comments being made to them and that this app is strictly not for those who are weak of heart. Overall this app has 50-50 reviews with almost equal no of both positive and negative reviews.

Sarahah app’s future:

People can also use their custom identity tag instead of sending feed backs anonymously. The user on the receiving end gets feedback in the form of inbox messages, they can flag messages, reply to them, delete and favorite the messages received. Anonymous viewing and commenting on profiles have also raised questions of personal privacy. The developers of the app have stated that the app is still under development and the next iteration will focus on these problems only. So if you are worried about your privacy then please wait some more time for improved privacy control. The next iteration will include features like removing your profile from search results, restricting unauthorized access and also blocking off certain senders.
Sarahah is not the first app to try anonymous messaging, other apps like Yik Yak, Secret and Whisper have done it before but very less people know about them. We just have to wait and see how this app performs in time. If you are curious enough to try this app then you can install it in your device by using the following links:
After using the app be sure to comment your experiences.

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