Alejandro Inarritu,’The Revenant’ maker is gearing up to make a VR film

Alejandro Inarritu VR film
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Alejandro Inarritu , the three time Academy Award winner and the visionary director of movies like Babel , Birdman , The Revenant  is all set to build up his next flick on a quite alien platform out of his routine filming. Yeah,the director is heaping up his grains to castle up a film that is to be completely based on the Virtual Reality technology.


Who are the houses behind?

Alejandro Inarritu VR movie
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Lucas Film’s ILMxLAB is the one who’s going to guide the Alejandro in his maiden VR journey. ILMxLAB is already found working in David Goyer’s(Writer of The Dark Knight Trilogy and Batman vs Superman) Starwars VR project and Michael Bay’s VR movie.Legendary Pictures is the one who’s going to produce the Inarritu’s VR movie.


Who else on the list?

Alejandro Inarritu VR film
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It is reported that the Emmanuel Lubezki , the only Cinematographer to win a hat-trick  Oscar will be joining hands with the Gonzalez to make this promising feature.Emmanuel Lubezki became world famous after winning his first Oscar for Gravity in 2013 and later he went on to win the awards for the another two oscars in the successive years for Birdman and Revenant.

What the move will be about?

Alejandro Inarritu VR film
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Based on the details,the movie will be expected to be revolving around a group of folks trying to migrate into the United states from Mexico through the US-Mexico Border.The immigration issue is age old and Inarritu shared his views on Donald Trump’s manifesto to build a wall on the US-Mexico Border to curtail the immigration in an awarding function earleir this year, where he was awarded with the Director’s Guild of America Award for Revenant.He said that such a wall would betray the foundation of the country.

Not the first time touch on US-Mexico border Immigration

Alejandro Inarritu VR film
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It is not the first time that, Alejandro is filming on this area, as he has already used the plot in his 2006 movie Babel, where he had portrayed the Gael Garcia Barnal attempting to cross the US-Mexican Border. That was just a little part in the epic flick, but this time its going to be a complete feature along with the VR. Let’s wish Alejandro with all the luck on his debut VR attempt.

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