The Best 2017 Top 3 Tablets to Buy –ranked | A Must Have!

Top 3 tablet -Google Pixel C
Source: Google- Pixel C

Technology has revolutionized a lot in the mobile industry, and now we see great viral tablets introduced every year into the market for consumers.

Even so, different companies have different approaches to designing their products. Talk of the CPU, GPU, OS and other important specs that power your tablet to meet your end need.

Here we have selected the best we know so far, and we hope you can contribute with your comments.

We are aware of the arrival of even more powerful devices, it’s a problem to choose a device that best suits your needs, but this list is part of the series we will keep adding.

The best top 3 tablets

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Samsung S2
Source: TechRadar

The product of Samsung. Talk of great Samsung S7 or S8 which is being rumored to be on released soon in the line of smartphones. This product has been the best iPad Mini range rival for a time. It’s one of the top best Android tablets to choose in the market coming second after Google Pixel C.

It runs on Android 5.1 with Octa-core CPU. The camera is better than its predecessor with a Rear camera of 8MP and a Front camera of 2.1MP.

It comes with a RAM of 3GB with internal Storage of 32GB/64GB, and its design is thinner and lighter. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is a challenge to Apple’s iPad Mini ranges, and you get at the price of $402.99 at NEWEGG or $497.99 at Amazon.

2. Google Pixel C

Top 3 tablet -Google Pixel C
Source: Google- Pixel C

Made by Google and it is No. 1 product in the Android Market. It has all that an Android table must have.

It has a fantastic screen display with a fabulous premium design. Google cleverly create this product, and it’s seen as a rival to Apple iPad Pro 9.7.

It’s powered by Android 6.0 Marshmallow with NVIDIA Tegra X1 CPU with Maxwell GPU, a 3GB RAM and 32GB/64GB of Storage. Has an HD touchscreen premium high performance.

The price vary, and you get at around $649-$700 and $599 on Google Store

1. iPad Pro 9.7 

Apple iPad Pro | Top 3 Tablets
Apple iPad Pro

Why is this No. 1 tablet? Steve Jobs would have been better in explaining to us, but as usual, Apple is the best when it comes to customer satisfaction. This tablet brings power to portability, unlike the larger iPad Pro.

It comes with the smart keyboard and pencil support though it is pricey.

iPad Pro has a 12 MP iSight Camera, True Tone Flash, Panorama of up to 63MP and a Four-Speaker Audio which is a great move for Apple.

This tablet device is powered by Apple iOS 9, A9X chip with 64bit architecture, M9 coprocessor, and a 9.7-inch Retina Display, 2048 x 1536 Resolution.

Price varies ($500.99-$729.00), and you’ve to View the best price at Amazon.

The pro tip is; once you have made a decision on which tablet to have, check if your top selected Apps you need are compatible with that device.

The list goes down, and we will bring you other best tablets to choose from.

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