The Best Electric Skateboard That You Can Buy

Cars and bikes are probably not the best ways to commute to and from work and other places if you live in a city. The solution- Skateboards. And not just normal skateboards, but electric skateboards. Skateboards are easy to guide through the bustling streets and nooks of the city. The introduction of an electric motor to a skateboard to make an electric skateboard is a fantastic idea.

To be an effective way to commute, an electric skateboard should not only be fast but have a long range and reliable brakes that are smooth yet effective. There are a few options out there that pack all the features as mentioned above. However, none of these is quite affordable. So here are our top 3 picks which are fast, fun, reliable have a long range and not absurdly expensive.

1. Boosted Plus

Boosted Plus is the best selling electric skateboard out there, and for fair reasons. It has a variety of 22.5 KM and a top speed of 30 KM/H, which is quite fast for a skateboard. It is also very flexible which means the ride is very smooth. It’s the best in the market and costs $1399.

electric skateboard


2. Boosted Mini

Boosted Mini is essentially the smaller and cheaper version of Boosted Plus. It starts at $799. It has a stiffer ride. But, given its small size and lighter weight, it is easier to carry around as compared to Boosted Plus.

electric skateboard


3. Inboard M1

Inboard’s electric skateboard M1 is one of the few electric skateboards to compete with Boosted. It starts at $1000 and has a rather low range of just about 10 KM. However, the batteries are swappable and Inboard sells spare at $200 each, so you can easily improve the range of the skateboard. Its motors are integrated into its wheels. Inboard M1 also features sleek headlamps and tail lights so that you are visible during the nights.

electric skateboard

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