Boston Dynamics’ Atlas goes for a jog

Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics’ Robots’ movements feel natural and human-like

Boston Dynamics released two videos on Youtube, sharing the progress they’ve made in regards to their robots. The two robots’ whose progress was shown were Atlas, a humanoid robot. and Spotmini, a dog-like robot.

Boston Dynamics’ Humanoid Robot Atlas has learned a few new tricks. We’ve already witnessed Atlas jumping obstacles and even backflipping.

The latest video by Boston Dynamics reveals Atlas on a jog in a grassy field. Its jog maybe not as impressive as the robot’s backflip, but it shows how naturally Atlas behaves.

Its jogging action seems to very natural and human-like. At one point, Atlas stops and jumps over a log, something not too special after we witnessed the robot’s jumping and backflipping skills last year.

The second video shows Spotmini, the dog like robot navigating around an office building. The ability in focus was Spotmini climbing stairs, smoothly.

Also, the robot had mugged up the structure of the bul=iling and actively used it to avoid obstacles around its course.

The two robots have come very far as compared to their initial selves. They have acquired the ability to move around naturally. It is quite impressive as how far Boston Dynamics’ has come in regards to making its robots natural and human-like.

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