Changhong H2: The World’s First Material Sensing Smartphone with an Infrared Vision.

Changhong H2 device in work

Here comes the Changhong H2, a smartphone smartly designed with the “only available in a movie like” reality with an impressive capability to scan products and even tells your body fat percentage.

It’s the world’s first material sensing smartphone.

Yes, but hold on a little bit.

Smartphone technology is rapidly revolutionizing the world with great innovations that help humanity solve a problem in real time with solutions.

Most of these cutting-edge phones come with their own approaches to meet human wants. But most notable are the features of a camera (lossless camera zooming), a bezel-less display like Samsung Galaxy S8 or the latest iPhone x, wireless charging or OnePlus 5 Dash charging or Samsung Galaxy S8 Gigabit LTE and its display good enough for VR.

Not forgetting Pico-projector on the back of Moto Z, or strapped your precious smartphone into a Gear VR in the realms of exploring new virtual worlds, or using that Phab 2 Pro to create a 3D scan of your apartment.


And here comes a Chinese Changhong H2, a phone that’s able to optically scan objects and tell you what they’re made of.

Changhong H2 Operation

Changhong H2 uses a near-infrared spectrometer to determine things like if your medicine is fake (something we take serious on), how fresh your produce is, and the special problem to most of the people, your body fat percentage and more.

H2 accomplishes this by shining a light onto objects which penetrates the surface. The molecules available from the object then sent backlight in different ways which the phone’s integrated sensor sends the information to a database cloud where it’s then processed and analyzed before the results sent back to the device.

Changhong H2 display results

First, this technology was available in 2016 CES prices at $250 as standalone sensor called SCiO. At that time, users were required to pay a monthly subscription to use the service which worked with a phone app. Now, it’s available as an integrated sensor in the new H2 phone and it is located on the back of the H2 handset.

When the sensor scans a product with unknown or counterfeited products like medicine pill, a big red exclamation is displayed with a warning.

The price of H2 is around $433 and it runs as an Android device with a 6-inch HD display, 16-megapixel camera, and fingerprint reader.

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