Facebook F8 annual developer conference and its future on various technologies.

Facebook has taken its annual developer conference, F8, and much was revealed about the company’s future on various technologies. These anticipated techs include its VR, Workplace, 360-Degree imaging and other new goodies.

Some of the significant issues discussed  on FaceBook F8 includes:

Facebook workplace is going free

The collaboration software, workplace, is getting a free software version as it tries to get as many users to sign up and try its workplace communication App. This will be a direct stiff competitor to both Slack and Microsoft’s new Teams software, which it gives away for free to users of Office 365.facebook 2017 workplace | FaceBook F8 | MicropleThe free trial will roll until September 30th where it will begin charging at a lower cost than slack.  It is set to cost its organizations $3 a user for the first 1,000 members, and then $2 a user for the next 9,000 members added, and then $1 a user from then on out.

Facebook’s AI-powered camera

This powerful AI camera can blur photo backgrounds in real time without a dual-camera setup.

The point is that this software is capable of “dynamically estimating what is foreground and what is background.” And once it differentiates between the two, it begins to blur on out to produce the desirable bokeh effect the same way you can get with professional DSLR camera with a low aperture lens.

How about letting you hear with your skin?

This technology can be of great help to the deaf people to get to communicate with the community. It will also allow hearing people to converse as well as translate the conversations made into another language.

Typing with your brain?

“Brain mouse for AR,” LOL. This will be at a near speed of our thinking…the secretive building eight research is working on this project to create a brain-computer interface that let you type with your thoughts.

FaceBook F8 | Microple

Soon it will be easier to record and share your VR experiences

The launched developer kit will make you capture and share your personal experiences in VR. The SDK will work with any VR app or film, so long as it makes use of a game engine like Unity or Unreal.

Get more done: Instagram for Android now works offline

Users of Android OS will get an offline Instagram functionality that will make them Like, comment, and even follow or unfollow — regardless of their connection.

Facebook’s helicopter to deliver internet access in emergencies.

Not a big one though. This small helicopter will provide internet access during a time of crisis. The helicopter will be able to operate for months at a time just to restore the web connectivity in case of emergency. It will be called “Tether-tenna, ” and it will have to overcome the challenges of high winds and lightning.

FaceBook F8 | Microple

Facebook’s new Surround 360 video cameras

The second generation of its kind and it’s called the x24. This impressive camera will let you move around the inside live-action scenes.

FaceBook F8 | Microple

How about the Facebook Messenger?

The Facebook Messenger is getting an Apple Music extension. You won’t be leaving FB anymore.

The integration will allow its users to browse Apple Music from the inside of Messenger, find a song, and share it into their chat. This will allow everyone to access and play the song back without leaving the Facebook Messenger,

Other great developments revealed at Facebook F8 conference 2017 includes the Facebook Messenger adds app extensions and a bot store. The conference took place in the San Jose, California.




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