Facebook new Selfie verification option to stop duplicate and suspicious accounts.


There has been an increase in online impersonation and duplicate accounts on Facebook. To curb this act, which is fuelled by all sorts of criminal thoughts, Facebook has decided to use image verification to determine the genuineness of it users and curb the increase of fake accounts. They said the process is automated and it will check the uniqueness of the account.

facebook selfie verification

Facebook has tested the process with a small group of users. A user named @flexlibris on Twitter reported that the prompt given to confirm her friend said, “Please upload a photo of yourself which shows your face. When you send us a photo, we’ll check it and then permanently delete it from our servers.”. The user uploaded a screenshot of the prompting as proof.


Facebook plans to implement this security strategy on key activities such as friend requests, setting up of ads, creating and editing ads including creating new accounts. Users who have experienced this new verification process said it took up to 72-hours for them to access their account. This is CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) on steroid.

A couple of weeks ago Facebook took a weird step to protect its users from being bullied or abused on their social media network. They encouraged users to upload nude pictures of themselves that the user feels someone might use to enact revenge on them. Facebook will create a digital fingerprint on the nude image and automatically stop anyone from uploading a similar image on its social media network. The feature was rolled out in Australia and is said to spread to the US, UK, and Canada soon. This is a huge step, and it’s far better than reporting such images after the harm must have been done.


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