Get Your Drink On: The FlaskTie Makes You Refreshed Easily on Your Job!


The FlaskTie has been around for a while but somehow it hasn’t hit the market enough for its popularity. The guy’s behind this concept had a very rocking idea which seems to feature our next generation in this super-fast tech era.

FlaskTie is a lifestyle innovation. It’s a real necktie concept designed to conceal your favorite beverage around your neck…LOL! So you never get thirsty anymore. Be it in your journey, your boring office or elsewhere, your FlaskTie is all with you to refresh your thirst.FlaskTie

I have never tried it but looking forward to buying one. FlaskTie is for men. Yes, those very serious men minding their thirsty or hunger or those very lifestyle guys who love this at their reach. And lest I forget, FlaskTie is a self-service and perfect gift for your loved one and friends. Whenever you feel to refresh yourself, gently bite the valve, drink and enjoy!

And to solve gender biased, these awesome guys designed the FlaskScarf for women also.FlaskScarf

This is more awesome than the later. It’s uniquely designed for those women of both fashion and function. Though it comes with a different design to fit women, its functionality is the same like those on men, the FlaskTie. You simply fill the scarf bladder, gently bite the valve and there you go…drink and enjoy!

So it’s a must have for everyone who wants to stay nourished at work. And don’t be surprised the next time your friend asks you why you are drinking from a tie, just tell him/her “Am ok” lest they doubt you to be crazy. even so, you will have made them be extremely enthusiastic.

And the FlaskTie price?

FlaskTie comes in every style and color. The price is friendly and if you are considering to buy one, it cost $24.95.FlaskScarf Price

FlaskScarf comes in black, gray, crimson and navy colors and it cost the same price of $24.95.


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