Galaxy Note 8 latest Leaks & Apple’s iPhone 8 impressive face recognition technology.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The latest leaks from Samsung Galaxy Note 8 design in its awesome glory. Yes, Evans Blass, a reliable leaker has yet to show us the new galaxy note 8 in super exclusive photos revealing its glorious design in its sensational glimpse.

Blass took to twitter sharing what he has with the hungry & lovers of the Samsung smartphones. His picture is of yet-to-be released handset he termed it as a “Midnight Black” color option.

Meanwhile, while the twitters embrace the impressive photo believed to be Samsung galaxy note 8, Blass took it even deeper with more images giving us a better look at the overall design of the device well as its revamped dual camera at the back. Its stylus pen and additional color variations with light golden hues.

From Blass, his suggestion of the upcoming galaxy note 8 is expected to be 6.3-inches tall. Moreover, it will be powered by the Samsung Exynos 8895 and Snapdragon 835 chipsets with 6GB of RAM.

Need more? Blass is on its work preparing a follow-up report that will reveal even more details of the upcoming Galaxy Note 8. Once his report is out, we shall update you as well.

Yet another Apple’s iPhone 8 latest Leaks!

Apple isn’t left behind. There are some specifications and designed leaked from Apple HomePod firmware. Yes, its features are very exciting.

One of its most impressive features is its face recognition and end-to-end glass screen. It’s unlocking system identifies your face in order to unlock your phone.

The discovery comes from developers Steve Troughton-Smith and Guilherme Rambo was sifting through firmware for the brand new HomePod speaker system when they noticed mentions of a mysterious device codenamed “D22”.

The two spotted infrared facial recognition technology available from the firmware. This technology allows users to unlock their phones using the front-facing camera rather than pin or camera.

Apple iPhone 8 latest lakes make the September release date be an interesting and highly anticipated day for Apple fans.

We keep on updating you with all this exciting news from Apple and Samsung. Keep checking for our latest news.


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