What is GDPR? | Everything you need to know about GDPR

What is GDPR | Microple

“We’ve updated our Privacy Policy”. “An update in our Privacy Policy”. “Please take a moment to read our updated Privacy Policies”.

Is this how your email’s inbox has been looking like as of late? Are you bombarded with emails informing you about an update in the Privacy Policy of all the services you’ve ever subscribed to? Well, turns out you aren’t alone.

People all over the globe are receiving such emails as pretty much all the tech giants are updating their Privacy Policy due to Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation, commonly known as GDPR. May 25th, 2018 marks the first day since this regulation comes into existence. GDPR is a set of rules that totally changes the way tech companies gather data from its users. GDPR is made with consumers and the protection of their personal data in mind.

In theory, the act is passed by European Union and applies to only European citizens. The global nature of the internet means that GDPR affects people all around the globe. Firstly, GDPR sets a higher bar of security on how tech companies gather the users’ data. The companies will need an explicit and informed consent from their users to gather their data.

Secondly, GDPR’s penalties for breaking any of the rules are severe. Fines range as much as 4 percent of the companies global turnover or $20 million, whichever is the greater.

The initiative had been taken after Facebook’s giant data scandal. In fact, tech giants like Google and Facebook are already facing lawsuits as much as $8.8 billion on the first day of GDPR itself.

As a user, you’ll be signing a lot of new Privacy Policies before you can continue to use your favorite services and apps. But the question here is will GDPR make online data collection less creepy? In theory, yes it will. But it is too early to comments on its practical aspects.

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