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Google Daydream | Microple
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Daydream is a Google’s new VR platform, a Simple, high quality virtual reality. Google unveiled it at I/O 2016 developer conference, a virtual reality ecosystem in which people can navigate inside virtual reality. It relies on handsets and Google’s new VR headset to drive the entire VR experience.

Existing smartphones will not support Daydream and it will work only with a select number of Android N smartphones which will have special sensors and screens, supporting refresh rates to minimize latency and allow for a crisp, smooth VR experience. Daydream compatible phones will come with a feature called

Android VR mode.

It’s home screen app will allow people to access apps and content. This will solve the problem of removing your phones from the VR headsets while switching between apps. At present Daydream will only work on Pixel and Pixel XL. But google has listed 8 hardware partners (Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, Asus, and Alcatel) who will manufacture Daydream ready smartphones in the future.

On the software side, many apps developers have committed to join the platform as well. Brands like Netflix, HBO and Hulu will be joining Daydream. Games like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, GunJack 2 and Need for Speed and many more will also be available for Daydream.

Daydream View

Google’s new VR headset is called Daydream View. Its body is made of foam and soft fabric and it has a hinged plastic panel where you place your handsets. Since it is made up of lightweight fabric it weighs under 200 grams, making it significantly lighter than other VR headsets. The face mask is removable and hand-washable. Replacement will also be available to buy separately. It is also breathable. The hinges slides out slightly to accommodate different thicknesses of phones and even phones with cases.

Google Daydream View | Microple
Image Source : Google

An NFC chip on the phone will tell it to launch the Daydream, when you place your phone in the headset. A pair of rubber nubs will help the phone detect its position and automatically center the image, when it is placed in the headset.

Daydream view is now available in one color called slate. Later in 2016, it will be available in 2 more colors called Snow and Crimson. Google has announced that new headset will be available at $79 and is expected to start shipping next month.

Daydream controller

The new Google VR Headset comes with an controller called Daydream controller which has motion sensing capabilities. On top of it has a clickable touch pad which will give you native touchscreen-like gestures to the virtual world. Next down, there is an app button/menu button that will put your apps within view. Lastly there is a home button which on pressing will return you to the Daydream home and on the side, volume buttons are present.

Google Daydream View Controller | Microple
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It is also equipped with some internal sensors. These sensors can’t tell your absolute position in space, but can sense the direction and loosely follow your hand.

To know more – Click Here for the Official website of Google Daydream.



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