Google I/O developer conference | Updates and Highlights

Google developer conference

The Google I/O developer conference started from today and will end on 19th of May. The live stream of which can be viewed on the homepage of this website. Google announced several new additions to their services as well as upgraded some of its old on the first day of the event. The primary focus of the event was the Google AI (artificial intelligence) and how it will become an integral part of our everyday lives. The main aim is to command each and everything with your voice without doing anything more.

Highlights and Updates:

Google unveiled a new version of their TPU (Tensor Processing Unit) which is extremely fast and powerful for cloud computing. This new TPU will be used to improve the responsiveness and learning of the Google AI which will be integrated into all your favorite apps.

Smart Reply, a Gmail feature used for quickly sending replies to emails will be soon debuting on Android and IOS. This feature scans the content of your received email and suggests a suitable answer for the conversation. Currently, it is only offered in the English language; other languages will soon be supported.

Google I/O developer conference

The Google Assistant will work on your Apple devices too. You can now use both Siri and Google Assistant side by side on your iPhone, whichever suits you better.

The main update in Google Assistant is the ability to allow transactions. You can now order food or any other things from the Google assistant without switching to other apps. You also don’t need to enter your address or card details as they will be shared by Google (you can control what is shared though). Just a fingerprint is required for authentication, and your order will be processed. The assistant will also make its debut soon in Android TV later this year.

Google also announced several new features for the recently released Google Home. Google Home is a device which uses voice commands to control your smart home. The most interesting feature is the ability to make calls hands free i.e. with your voice. You can call any number for free in US and Canada. It also recognizes different voices for the same command. This means that each member of the family can personalize their events, reminders, contacts, etc. separately. The Google home can also cast the information on any device, including TVs, Tablets, Smartphones, etc., whichever is more relevant for the task. For, e.g., If you set a reminder for going to a location, the information will be displayed on your smartphone, and a map for the area will be opened.

Google I/O developer conference

Some new features were announced for the Google Photos app. It now includes the option to share libraries with your friends and family (user can control what to share). Suggested sharing options, which recognizes the person in the picture and suggests to share the image with them. It also features the ability to remove duplicated and blurry pictures, and all your photos will be created into albums depending on the location and time of the picture taken.

Google O-beta officially launches today. The OS will focus more on battery, speed, and security. Google suggests that the startup will be twice as fast and apps will run more quickly than before.

Google also announced a new OS for cheap phones, Android GO. This software will run efficiently on low hardware devices, and these devices will get all the latest updates. The aim is that all the most recent services should be enjoyed by each and every person in the globe. They have titled this project “Building for Billions.”

Google I/O developer conference

More updates will be announced by Google later within the coming days, so be sure to check this website for updated news and live stream.


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