Alphabet’s Google is working on a new Material Design Search.

Google Material Design
Google's yet to come material design Search page

Not more than an hour ago when roaming across webpages we’ve got a glimpse at Google’s new material design search desktop page. This design of Google is called the material design which Google first introduced in its mobile operating system Android’s Lollipop. Since the introduction the company implemented the design in its various applications as it suits the Google’s fun and efficient combo. This design is supposed to be the template of all Google’s apps but the company takes time to get this applied onto its bigger products and Google Search is one among them.

Google‘s new Material Design 

Google Material Design
Google’s yet to come material design Search page

Flat UI concept was first introduced my Microsoft in its Windows Phone operating system and later to its desktop counterpart. Later Google and Apple stepped into making a similar design of their own. Among the three big players Google’s design has been the eye catching, easy to use and understand. Google drafted the design and made a page explain the design works of the material design.

expect new Google Search soon 

The design is not so much differ from the current one but it matches the family of products. Under its new parent company Alphabet, Google is making a unified approach and look across all its products. It is worth to mention Alphabet overhauled its video sharing site YouTube a few weeks back to the material design. The company’s Google +, Keep, Google Photos apps has been unified across platforms ie. Android, iOS and web.

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