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In recent years, GoPro has made some very good action cameras. Although their products are generally expensive and can’t be bought easily except ready for such expense. However there is a dedicated market for them which is showing in the fact that the two most expensive GoPro’s products account d for over 60 percent of sales in the first quarter of 2018. The two pducts are the Hero6 Black and Hero5 Black.

The GoPro Hero
The GoPro Hero

A few months ago, the company decided to launch a more affordable camera product. It was launched and called GoPro Hero. At the moment, It sells for about RS. 18,990 in India. GoPro did this because they wanted the camera to be affordable for all. Although a few features have been sacrificed to have such accessible action camera. Many of the features are still quite intriguing and exciting.

This GoPro_Hero has its dimensions, buttons layout and physical connectors very similar to the previous GoPro products. It weighs 117g, and as part of the extra package, you get a plastic housing for mounting it onto any GoPro-compatible mount, as well as two adhesive mounts, a Type-C charging cable, and the usual snap-on stand. Well, a new microSD card has t be purchased separately for the action camera. The Hero is waterproof up to 10m by itself; a this implies that no additional housing is needed. The build is quite attracting and has rubber plastic on it. There are flaps to protect the battery and ports. On the left, we have Micro-HDMI and USB Type-C ports, while the battery and microSD slot is at the bottom. You get three red status LEDs and three microphones placed around the camera, just like on the high Hero series.

There’s a non-backlit status screen in the front, and a touchscreen at the back. The touchscreen has good brightness under direct sunlight, but it has poor responding interface. There’s a bit of lag when moving across different menu screens. The Hero features a 10-megapixel sensor, unlike the 12-megapixel one used in the other premium products. The processing capabilities are also limited, due to which the GoPro Hero is only capable of 10fps bursts and can shoot at a maximum resolution of 1080p at 60fps. There is a 1440p option, but this uses a 4:3 aspect ratio (1920×1440), which may not be useful for everyone.

GoPro has carried over important features like voice control, video stabilisation, support for the QuikStories app, and fast charging (with an optional accessory). However, inbuilt GPS has been ditched in order to keep costs down. Well some advanced features like ProTune, raw photo, and audio capture have been removed to make it affordable. The standard modes like Video, Photo, Burst, Timelapse video, and Timelapse photo are still available, but there are fewer choices when it comes to resolutions and frame rates.

The new GoPro Hero costs around as much as the Hero5 Session, which sounds great at first since you finally get a GoPro with a display at this price. However it does not make it the better choice. The Hero has an upper hand giving reference to its battery level, rear display and HDMI output, but at the same time, has very limited shooting modes compared to other models. It still has the 1080p quality.

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