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Insta360 Evo: A Double Lens Foldable Camera for 360 Degrees Photos

Insta360 today launches the new EVO camera, a revolutionary way to capture the best moments of our lives. The novelty is in the slim and foldable body that can transform EVO into two shooting modes: one for capturing 180° 3D content and another for 360 ° immersive photos .

Insta360 also announced that the camera will be joined by two new technologies to relive the moments captured in 3D in a simple and engaging way. Let’s talk about Insta360 VR, the new app adopted by Oculus Go Samsung Gear VR that allows you to connect EVO and review photos with virtual reality.

The second feature is HoloFrame, which is a 3D cover with an exclusive design for smartphones that allows you to look at videos and photos in three dimensions with EVO. A simple object that can communicate a kind of magic.

Compatible with iOS and Android systems, the EVO camera is available for purchase today on the official website and in other selected stores around the world for US $ 419.99 (about 370 euros).

Insta360 EVO: specifications and operation

The importance of reliving our best moments in 3D or 360° is crucial, and EVO makes this process easy:

Every visual angle will be covered by the lenses and we will not lose even a moment of what we are experiencing. Insta360 EVO records videos in 5.7K when in 180° 3D mode and takes pictures at 18 MP in the same function: reality will seem much more real than before.

Much care has been taken over stabilization, especially in view of use with a VR headset. This is why EVO benefits from two dedicated technologies: specifically, for the 360​​° mode we have the FlowState stabilization, the industry standard that almost seems to use a gimbal. For the 180° 3D mode, EVO introduces an innovative technology that allows the user to move even while filming without the footage being affected in any way.

Incredible and try the new TimeShift applied to 360° mode with time-lapse and hyper-lapse photography. EVO users will thus be able to control the passing of time the perspective of the camera at any time. Finally, the lights on EVO are treated with the best HDR technology available, where the scenes will appear natural and vivid in every visual angle.

A final mention goes to the app, as it allows the user to easily capture and edit the shots and videos. With wifi connectivity it will also be possible to record and move records on your smartphone in real time. In this way you will be ready to share your moments with the world.

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