Get to know Kuri – an intelligent and friendly nanny home robot.


Kuri may just be another home helper for your kids and as a security surveillance to your indoor rooms.

Its design was clearly made to patrol and keep an eye on your home as well as please your family members and pets. I guess it won’t get scrabble by your Chihuahua dog. Kuri is best in interacting with all that’s around her.

The coolest thing about Kuri is its personality. It’s smart and wordless chirps and nods just like a twitter bird. Kuri can also recognize faces plus those of your pets and context and adapt its responses accordingly. You will have to teach her this.

Kuri features and functionality.

Designed by Mayfield robotics, the robot uses a powerful HD camera located inside its head. It’s her eyes in fact and helps her roam around while avoiding obstacles and falling as well as capturing HD pictures and recording videos!

Kuri responds to your touch with its capacitive touch sensor. It’s awesome when you gently touch on the head and see her look up at you.

I love her gestural mechanics. Her eye and head movements are amazing. She can smile, blink as well as look up, down and sideways. Kuri has sensitive microphones- helps react, detect or investigate all that’s around her.

Kuri is also entertaining. Her speakers are powerful enough to fill the room when she’s playing podcast, music or speaking.

With HD camera, she also has a mapping sensor for her to navigate your house while avoiding obstacles. Her electric wheel motors are powerful enough to keep her while navigating around.

Kuri has an unusual charging pad. I wonder how she automatically goes for power when she feels the power is running low. That for experts’ maybe.

How Kuri does things wonderfully is because of its powerful processor. She handles all her tasks from mapping, video, and entertainment to making fun with the kids from her facial and speech recognition.

It will also work with internet IFTTT “If this, then that“, thus it will definitely make everything looks perfect and smarter. That’s a lifestyle you will need to adapt when you have Kuri with your family.

That’s it for Kuri. She isn’t free. Kuri robots are planned to be available by April 2017 with the price of around $700 but it’s worth the price with what you will get.


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