Lenovo Launch a Smartwatch with a Sapphire Crystal for $ 20

Lenovo Watch 9

The Chinese electronics manufacturer Lenovo presented a branded smartwatch at the cost of only $20. Unlike most competitors’ solutions, the novelty does not have a touchscreen that replaces the analog dial. Despite this, the device has a wide list of “smart” functions from the pedometer to the sleep tracker and at the same time 12 months on one charge.


Lenovo Sapphire Crystal SmartWatch 9

Lenovo Watch 9 (as the manufacturer christened his brainchild) comes in a stainless steel case in two colors: silver and graphite. The dial, which was not destined to become touch-sensitive, is protected by a sapphire crystal with a hardness of 9H and prevents not only the appearance of scratches but also the ingress of moisture inside the body when diving to a depth of 50 meters.

The absence of an electronic display does not prevent the clock from acting as a receiver of incoming notifications. After synchronization with the smartphone, Lenovo Watch 9 will vibrate, notifying you of the incoming message or call. In addition, users of the watch will be able to remotely lower the camera shutter smartphone with a simple gesture of shaking.

Lenovo Watch 9 also offers popular fitness functions, i.e. counting steps and calories burned or monitoring sleep. What’s more, it can also be used as the shutter of the camera on your smartphone – just shake your hand (of course, it’s best not the one in which the phone is held). And thanks to the fact that it is waterproof, you do not have to take it off if you want to bathe or swim.

All the user data received by the clock, including the number of steps taken during the day, burned calories and sleep quality, are synchronized via Bluetooth with the smartphone. The manufacturer claims not only support for smartphones running Android, but also for the iPhone. The purchase of Lenovo Watch 9 in China will be possible as early as March 23. The timing of the release of new items outside the homeland has not yet been reported.

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