Introducing Levi’s Jacket: A Commuter Tracker Jacket with Jacquard by Google

Levi’s Jacket

Google’s Levi’s jacket was announced more than a year ago. Then, we saw a demonstration of Levi’s jacket with touch-sensitive fabric. This time, Levi’s jacket with a smart sleeve is finally available for consumers.

Levi’s Commuter tracker jacket is designed to perfectly fit those who are getting around the city as you ride.

“You can easily access your digital world because Jacquard technology is woven right into the sleeve.”

How Levi’s jacket work

Levi’s Jacket contained tiny electronics connected to the jacquard threads in the jacket’s cuff. The threads which are tiny electronics are connected to your smartphone.

In simple terms, you attach a small little “tag” to your left cuff of the jacket then pair it with the jacquard app on your mobile device.

The app lets you set up three gestures like which action is triggered when you brush in, brush out, double tap and the one which is hardcoded to shut your phone up by just holding your hand on the fabric.

This complexity when connected to your mobile device let you know about your valuable incoming information like a phone call. Its abilities are customizable to fit your needs.

The jacquard app is customizable and you can easily control it with some swipes. It let you control messages, navigation, phone calls, music and more.

levi's jacket- jackquard customizable app

“Assign and reassign different abilities to the gestures you want to use and decide when you want to be notified by LED and/or haptic feedback.”

levi's jacket- jackquard customizable app

Levi’s jacket is more flexible than messing with your phone screen touch when on the bike. You can easily reach over and brush for a specific command and there your task is triggered or initiated.

Moreover, jacquard automatically tells you when you are wearing the jacket and automatically set your device to a kind of biking mode.

That’s cool, right?

You can also control your music while biking or set to read texts aloud either through the phone itself or through your headphones.

Furthermore, you can also configure to only receive calls and texts from important people.

These jackets are really impressive. A brilliant idea designed by Google in wearable technology.

The jacket will be available in some few boutiques stores on the 27th September and will be available in some Levi’s store and on on October 2nd. The price of this jacket is $350.

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