LG’s New 65-inch 4K Rollable OLED TV

Folding Display is the new Technology !

At CES 2018 LG Display announced and unveiled their very first rollable 65-inches 4K OLED display. A few years back in CES LG had announced their first rollable OLED screen but that was clearly in its early prototype stages. But this 65-inch giant rollable display offers a more realistic use for OLED tech that’s flexible.

Not much has been revealed about the product, but however, after seeing the images it’s clear that we will get to see a slim display which can be rolled up from the base and again can be rolled down when not in use, allowing for better space utilisation which existing displays in the market can’t deliver. This portable and rollable UHD screen can be used for high-resolution content anytime, anywhere. Now, this isn’t the biggest TV launched at CES or even at LG Displays showroom. It is, however, the only TV that can be folded into a box a fraction of its size.

Design and Features

Now, let’s talk about the features offered in this TV. It can be rolled down from 16:9 to the cinematic 21:9 screen ratio which can provide house weather info and act as a music player when you don’t need the full screen. The audio of Crystal Sound OLED displays has been successfully upgraded from current 2.1 channel sound to 3.1. Which can now offer more realistic and surround sound experience? The company says that they will soon integrate the Crystal Sound technology into their LCD products to eliminate the use of extra speakers.

lg 65 inch rollable display | OLED

Apart from this rollable display, LG has also showcased their new 88-inches OLED TV with 8K resolution at the event. The company claims that it is the highest and largest resolution OLED panel manufactured to date.

Availability and Pricing

Talking about the pricing and availability, because it is still only a prototype, there is no availability till now. But according to today’s display market, it’s a very cool prototype which every user would like to experience.

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