Light Phone 2 | Ultra Minimalist Cellphone V2

Light Phone 2

Its just a simple cellphone!

Light Phone V1 was released last year with the promise of being the most minimalist phone, designed for users willing to only make and receive calls. To stretch its functionality a bit more, it was also able to store up-to nine phone numbers and that’s it. This cellphone was specifically catered towards the consumers who want to get away from unnecessary distractions such as texting and heavy internet usage (*memes). It was an interesting concept, but a little too vague for the modern generation.

Light Phone 2

This called the need for a Light Phone 2 .As the name suggest this is the more modern take on the ultra-minimalist phone concept, so that it could appeal to a more wider audience.

What’s new?

The Light Phone too shares the same design concept as that of the original. But this time instead of an illuminated 10 digit number pad, it features an E-Ink touchscreen. This means that it would already have a much better battery life than the original as E-Ink displays have proven to be in the past. Alongside that a few more notable features includes 4G LTE support, the ability to send text messages and hopefully a bigger contact storage.

Light Phone 2

The people behind the Light Phones are trying and experimenting with new features to add on their latest device. However not confirmed, the Light Phone V2 will be including basic maps, music, and basic apps like Uber. The Light Phone 2 is still in pretty early development process; the company is still finalizing specifications, features, and other hardware to best suit the needs of the consumer. Therefore don’t expect to see a final release until 2019. It’s also a crowdfunded product on Indiegogo , so the usual disclaimers about using your own discretion before backing still apply. Also keep in mind that the people behind the original managed to ship a working product before.

What’s the Price?

The Light Phone 2 is available on Indiegogo for $225. This is only the amount for backing up the project (the planned release price tag is $400), you will get the device only when the cellphone is finalized and ready for retail.

What are your thoughts about this device and what features would you like to be added to it. Please mention your opinions and feedback in the comments section down below, also as usual, if you like the article please do share it with your friends. For more tech related stuff keep tuned in to TheMicrople.

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  1. Useless stuff, and way too expensive. What’s wrong with a simple feature phone, far easier on the pocket.

    • Yes, The recently released Nokia 8110 (banana phone) is much better imo. Still, its a crowdfunding project and I think you know how expensive these projects can go. I am sure, once they take off the production units will be much more cheaper.

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