The Robocop: World First Crime-Fighting Droid Starts its Streets Operation in Dubai


Robocop: Making everything smart in Dubai Police.

This is only in Dubai. A city that hopes by 2030 will be the world class smart city equipped with a world first robot-only police station.

The Robocop is a five ft. 5in tall and with its exclusive design can read facial expressions, scan faces and take payments for traffic fines.

“He can chat and interact, respond to public queries, shake hands and offer a military salute,”

Behind this robot design is the Dubai Police, IBM’s supercomputer, Watson, and Google have all contributed to the development and programming of the robot police officer.

The smart Robot allows the public to report crimes with its touch screen located on its chest. Made possible by Android ecosystem.

Unveiled at the Emirates three-day long Gulf Information Security and Expo Conference on Sunday, brigadier-General Khalid Nasser Al Razzouqi, who is the Director-General of Smart Services for the police in Dubai said that:

“The launch of the world’s first operational Robocop is a significant milestone for the Emirate and a step towards realizing Dubai’s vision to be a global leader in smart cities technology adoption”

Also, he stated that the aim of the Robocop is to assist and help people in the malls or in the streets to be safe by helping them fight crime, keep the city safe and improve happiness levels.

Moreover, Brigadier Abdullah Bin Sultan said they are looking forward to having more robots in the future, and by 2030, there would be around 25% robots of the total police force.

Robocop police have the ability to scan faces from 20 meters away. It also has a microphone which feeds directly to the Dubai police call centers.

From the movies to reality…

But wait. Did I say the Dubai Robocop robot is not exactly the Robocop you know from the film? Well, it’s the real Robocop which will today begins its operations onwards from the streets of Dubai.

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