New controller “Recon Tech Series” for Xbox One, made by Microsoft.



With the original Xbox, Microsoft has created a fanciful controller and perhaps, too large. They subsequently released a new version of the same, more sized and that liked. Already with Xbox 360, his controller has received lots of awards, for example, as the most comfortable controller for a console.

With the controller of the  Xbox One, the improvement has continued, achieving a virtually perfect command. Not content with this, the Elite control was developed, which allows us to change the buttons and various parts of the remote controller, according to the game where we are playing or just for a personal comfort.

Now the first model in a new range of controller is presented to for Xbox One: Tech Series. This first command, dubbed Recon Tech Series, generally has the same design of the original Xbox One command line, but it has slight changes at the level of outward appearance.



We have a finish in off-white color and designs that are inspired by the military technology and also performance patterns. You have first quality finishes as a texture recorded on laser or an area in the back, with textured finish with a diamond pattern, all this to improve grip and make it slightly more comfortable or pleasant to use than the original command.

If you caught the attention and wanted to get hold of one, you know that it will be distributed to stores around the world from April 25 at a price of 69.99 dollars. Therefore, surely in the month of maybe when you can get one, so you have enough time to start saving.

Like all Xbox One controls, it is compatible for use on a PC or tablet with Windows 10. Also, thanks to the Xbox Accessories App tool, you can configure actions for each button.


  • Elegant design in dark gray military.
  • Enjoy up to twice the wireless range than the previous controls.
  • Don’t miss the target with his grip in relief of rhomboid layout made of rubber.
  • Includes Bluetooth® technology to play on computers and tablets with Windows 10.

Final accuracy and precision

  • Interactive joysticks and improved crosshead provide greater efficiency than before.
  • The triggers and the front buttons are designed to provide quick access.
  • Menu buttons and view for fast navigation in games and applications.
  • Now it has a three stereo headphone connector, 5 mm to connect the own command favorite headphones to play.
  • Customize the functions of the buttons with the application of Xbox accessories.

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