The new Amazon app for Prime Clients “Outfit compare”, could be your best clothing advisor.

Amazon has added to its service users Prime an application that compares two sets of clothes and decides which of them is best.

Outfit Compare

Amazon Prime is a service offered by Amazon that allows you, to have a special membership offering to you and your family, unlimited fast and free shipping (for example, you can get shipments in two days or two days free shipping, when you are a member), online movies, books for your Amazon Kindle free reader, etc.

Sometimes, our tastes could not go with the trends dictated by fashion, at times that gets complicated, when we think that clothing is going great and don’t have anyone to ask for a second opinion. It seems that Amazon wants to end that since a peculiar characteristic has been released to users of the Prime service in the United States.’Outfit Compare’ is the name of this new feature which is launching Amazon within your application of iOS, and that in coming days will come to Android. Here we have at our disposal a kind of fashion Advisor, who will help us to compare two sets of clothing to tell us which of them we look better easily.

This application will compare outfits, taking into account the color, style, and trends of two photographs upload by the user, this two photos will present to the application two different sets of clothing and the app will judge in a few minutes which of the two is the best, cool right?. The use has been driven by a group of specialists in fashion according to Amazon, the images will be only seen by qualified personnel experts, and with a ton of experience in the fashion world, Amazon said.

The look selected by the user will have a score on a scale of style, and the application will reply to the user with phrases like: “Definitely choose this,” or “This we like more.” The fashion team can analyze models, and in each session, photographies must be full-body.

Outfit Compare

The team of TheMicrople proved the application and, although claimed that works quite well, noted certain shortcomings as the system not knows recognize if the person is wearing the same clothing in the two photographs. Another example is that a media reporter came up a picture of himself with another person, and the application failed to identify that they were two different people.

Amazon has not yet confirmed which is the goal of this new release, but some sources point to that it could be data collection to have more information about the personal style of its users and subsequently recommend pieces of clothing on the web page. This new product within Amazon Prime, the company run by Jeff Bezos intended to get the service become something everyday and ordinary, users.



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