Panasonic Launches Flagship Camera, Names it Lumix G9

Lumix G9
Source: theverge

On Wednesday Panasonic launched the successor to its last year’s flagship Lumix GH5. The new camera is named as the Lumix G9 and is a lot more stills focussed in comparison to its predecessor which was a video focussed camera but still managed to do an excellent job taking stills. It has kept most of the internals same as the GH5 but has tweaked the image processor, and the sensors to now produce still-images that look much vivid.

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The GH5 was launched in March this year, and the Lumix G9 is built on almost the same internals. It carries the same 20.3 megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor, but Panasonic claims that the image processor is a re-tuned version of the last flagship. The electronic viewfinder has the same 3.68 million dots as the GH5.

So, what’s New in the G9?

Panasonic has upgraded the image stabilization system which now enables the user to receive 6.5 stops of brightness. The Lumix G9 also has better compatibility with Optical Image Stabilization lenses which reduces the impact of jerks and sudden motions to negligible levels. This anti-shake mechanism is enabled for stills as well as video recordings which make the Lumix G9 the perfect companion for jungle safaris where you can keep walking with your eyes peeled on its electronic viewfinder for some ideal moment shots. The magnification has been increased from 0.76x to 0.83x. Introduced has also been a software supported High-Resolution Mode that allows capturing JPEG and RAW format images at 80-megapixel resolution.

Lumix G9
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Resemblance to Sony’s A9

One look at the Lumix G9 and you will surely notice the cues Panasonic has taken from Sony’s A9. Its magnesium alloy body is weather resistant similar to the A9. The deep grip gives subtle references to its contemporary and also the fact that just like Sony; Panasonic also introduced this stills focussed camera after a video focussed flagship. However, there are some differences too, and Panasonic has bettered in some specs from the A9. While both the 60fps and 20fps modes allow the user to take up to 50 RAW images which are less than the A9’s 200 images, the Lumix G9 users have an option to take mechanical shutter shots with a 9fps speed and continuous auto-focus, to capture up to 600 RAW images. There is no such feature in the A9.

Lumix G9
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Connectivity Features of the Lumix G9

Here is a host of different connectivity features that Panasonic has equipped the G9 with

  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • USB for charging and data transfer
  • Dual SD- Card slots that are compatible with UHS 2/V90 storage
  • 3 inch touch supported LCD monitor

Overall, the new flagship from Panasonic is a wonderful device that can capture professional quality stills and videos. Although it does take some inspiration from Sony’s A9, yet it has some iconic features of its own which will let you capture some of the best moments you can cherish forever. The price tag on the device is a bit steep though. At USD 1699, you may be prompted to look for some alternatives before giving the Lumix G9 a shot.

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