Inside Pixel Visual Core : Why Google Pixel 2 HDR+ Mode May Kill Apple’s Latest Phones Camera Hardware.

Pixel Visual Core

Google Pixel 2 latest smartphones come with the highest rated smartphone cameras in the smartphone ecosystem (beating Apple’s latest iPhones in some ways). They are even going to get better with Google’s new chip named “Pixel Visual Core”.

Pixel Visual Core: Google Smarter way…

Pixel Visual Core imaging processing chip is Google’s first custom-designed co-processor specifically for its Pixel smartphones. It’s designed to deliver maximum image processing performance with less percentage of power usage.

What’s even cooler is that Pixel Visual Core will enable third-party apps to use its HDR+ feature which is only achievable from Google’s home-grown camera app. HDR+ mode provides high-quality pictures compared with normal hardware picture processing tools.

Pixel Visual Core is 8-core processor and powerful capable of delivering 3trillion operations per core using only 1/10th of the device power.

Yes, but how about the Apple Bionic A11 chip found in the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X featuring a dual-core ‘Neural Engine’ capable of up to 600 billion operations per second?

Are we yet to experience this impressive Pixel 2 picture shots? Not yet but in the coming months, Google plans to turn on Pixel Visual Core through their software update which will enable even more applications to optimize the quality features of Pixel 2’s camera hardware in the HDR+ mode.

As Google moves forward to making the Pixel Visual Core accessible to third-party applications through its Android Camera API, the first move is to enable it in the forthcoming Android Orio 8.1 (MR1) OS developer preview.

Moment Photo Case & Wide Lens Kit

On the other side of Pixel 2 camera, Google sells Moment Photo Case & Wide Lens Kit which adds protection while providing superb pictures from your Pixel 2 device.


You can enjoy the shots of your realms with moment’s wider lens for 2x more of every landscape photos that matter to you. Its length is 149.95mm by 73.5mm width for pixel 2 and 161.3mm by 80.0mm width for your pixel 2 XL.

Moment Photo Case & Wide Lens Kit for both Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL costs $129.99 from Google store.

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