REDS EV Prototype Showcased, Aims to Change the Future

Image Source: theverge

When we link private transportation like cars to the future the most apparent view that comes to our mind is about a self-driven car. A car where there is no need for a chauffeur as it drives on its own and takes the passenger to a preset location. However, REDSPACE in collaboration with ex-BMW designer Chris Bangle had a different idea in mind and chose to conceive a different approach for the future. They named it REDS, Revolutionary Electric Dream Space.

Unconventional Design

The REDS prototype does not look like a conventional car at all and is rather an odd looking unconventional vehicle. It looks like a box and has a cartoonish shape. At first look, it seems like the inspiration has been a kid’s drawing of a car. The windshield angles upwards, and the roof has a solar panel installed. The high sloping windshield enables the car to avoid the direct sunlight which keeps the car cool. The doors slide open, and the roof expands to avoid the rain. The interiors look like an apartment interior than a car interior.

Image Source: theverge

Innovative Ideas

Chris Bangle brings in the concept of fourth space with the REDS prototype. In China, the notion of a fourth space is what is left after considering home space, office space and social space (like coffee shops). This fourth space is the space where the personal needs of the person being addressed. With REDS, Bangle aims to give the people the fourth space.

Image Source: techtly

Inside the REDS

The interior of the REDS is designed to accommodate a small group of people and their storages. The aim here is to make use of a car during the time it is not moving. Bangle claims it is 90% of the time that a car is not moving. The motive is enabling the user to create an environment where one can comfortably relax within the car itself when it is stationary. The passenger seats slide and swap to change position which allows for more legroom. One can use it as a home office or even a nursery. The REDS has a built-in foot massager, and one can completely relax in the car. The seats operate on swivels which allow one to move freely inside it. There is a 17-inch screen inside which can be used for navigation while driving and movies and gaming while relaxing.


While the whole world is running behind bring in new technology in the game REDSPACE and Chris Bangle has changed the game itself with the launch of REDS. While full production is not expected anytime soon, Bangle has commented that they are seriously thinking about commercializing the idea and are working on implementation safety features into the REDS to make production ready.


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