AIBO Reboot Is Here With Cuteness to Drool Upon


It was in the year 2006 that the Japanese techno behemoth Sony had informed with a heavy heart its decision to discontinue the production of AIBO (Artificial Intelligence Robot) pet series. It said it was a move it had to take to make the company profitable. The decision did not go down well with its loyalists who had already fallen in love with AIBO ‘The Robot Dog.’

Come November 2017 and Sony has brought the AIBO back to life with a bang. The current offering, simply called Aibo (Model ERS-1000) is a significant improvement over its predecessor, ERS-7M3 and looks like a cute little puppy. Sony has given it a new look and has integrated it with all the advanced technologies available for it to depict a real-life puppy.

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Image Source: Reuters

The Looks and Design

The body is plastic made, and a revamped design now has Aibo look at you with its 2 OLED lit eyes. Presumably, only a white colored specimen will be launched, and from the looks of it, the first few are going to get one that looks like a Labrador puppy with black dangling ears. What’s more, it will raise its paw for a handshake if you bring your hand forward towards it.

Image Source: nu

The Technology Inside

Sony has fitted Aibo with the latest innovations in technology to make it resemble a living puppy and we must say that it has done a commendable job. It scratches and stretches like a natural dog with ease and boy does it look sweet. Lets a look at its various technical aspects.

  • A Quad Core CPU for fast processing of user commands.
  • 12 axes for improved actuator technology that enables lifelike movements.
  • The OLED eyes are expressive and match the various moods of the puppy.
  • There is a camera in the nose for snapshots at the user’s voice command.
  • four microphones and various sensors like motion and light sensors, a touch sensor on head, jaw, and back for real-time responses from the Aibo.
  • A 2-hour battery that fully charges itself in 3 hours
Image Source: limitlessiq

Aibo’s Artificial Intelligence

Sony has combined all the various elements of technology with the perfect harmony to produce the masterpiece. The most stunning is its adaptive response through which it wags its tail when patted with glowing eyes. It lets out a sweet wimp just like a puppy and can learn from the actions of its owner. Cloud subscription enables Aibo to connect to the cloud and learn tricks and plays from other Aibo and develop a unique personality over time.

Check out the video below to see how sweet yet sophisticated these robot puppies are.

The Aibo went on sale in Japan today, and for the time it will be available only in Japanese markets. It is a ‘premium pet’ for pet lovers, and just the dog alone carries a premium price tag of USD 1739, check up and maintenance subscriptions extra. It certainly can be a Christmas gift which will lit up the eyes of your loved ones just like the OLED eyes of Aibo, only if you can get your hands on it. Good Luck!

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