Spectacles – The 115° video capturing gadget from Snapchat

Snapchat Spectacles
Image Source : Snapchat

Snapchat – Spectales

On September 24,  Evan Spiegel the CEO of image messaging and multimedia mobile application – Snapchat announced their most secret Glass project at Venice, California. Yes, the rumoured Glass project is now real and it is called as SPECTACLES .

Spiegel also revealed that the new Spectacles  will be available in three different colors such as teal, black, and coral which to be priced at $130. He also announced that the gadget is set to release later of this year.

Snapchat Spectacles
Image Source : TNW


The Spectacles glass have a camera with a LED ring Flash on its frame. When the user turns ON the camera on the frame the LED starts flashing, signalling that it has started recording. The camera in the frame has 115° lens which helps to take easy wide angle video. Still we did not get any information about the Camera’s specifications such as pixels, resolution, focal length etc. It has a thick frame which can hold a very slim and thin battery on it to power the camera. This camera is capable of  taking a 10 second of video at a time.


All the media recorded on the Spectacles are directly transferred to the Memories section of the Snapchat application through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The device records the video in new circular image format which can be viewed in both orientation (Landscape and Portrait) in fullscreen.

You can see the video here that how Snapchat solved the portrait and landscape orientation problem,


Snap Inc

Please Welcome the all new Snap Inc. the parent of the Snapchat and Spectacles. The company has rebranded themselves as the new Snap Inc. which takes care of the both Snapchat and Spectacles. They also updated everything to their new twitter account.

Snapchat - Spectacles | Microple
Snap Inc

To know more about the Spectacles – click here for its Official Link 

To know more about the new Snap Inc. – Click here for its Official Link

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