Tesla: How it works the autopilot in the cities and highways.


Currently, electric cars made by Tesla, with the autopilot system, are only designed to circulate without the intervention of a person in highways. Discouraging its use in urban areas, with the current version of the software in models found in the market.

However, in October the company announced that all its new models of electric vehicles. They would be equipped with new sensors and a more advanced software. Allowing the user to circulate with your car autonomously in any environment. In contrast to what is possible with the current version.

Tesla has now released a video in which we can see how this technology works in a real environment. Without any human intervention or limitation and closed circuits. Even so, for safety reasons, in the video above, we see a person sitting in the pilot’s seat, without performing any intervention. It is a requirement that, at least for now, is enforced by law, regardless of what type of technology include the vehicle or tests that have been carried out. In the video posted by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, we see how this new version can quickly analyze your surroundings.

The vehicle was shown that can make a journey by a route traced by your navigation system to the destination entered. Interpreting traffic lights, barriers, pedestrians, and even signs to avoid committing offenses. At the end of the video, when the driver leaves the vehicle, the car automatically parks, by detecting a nearby free parking lot.

Tesla cars are even able to predict accidents and avoid them until they happen. In which you can perfectly see the autopilot gives the signal of alert seconds until an accident. The most amazing thing is that those affected were several meters away.

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