Top 5 Cheap Gadgets to buy on Amazon

amazon cheap gadgets


Tile is a device that helps you find or locate your lost stuff. It’s the perfect gift you get under $20 from Amazon. Tile works as a Bluetooth device that tracks your everyday items by tracking its current location via its desktop or mobile app.

How it works

  • Attach, stick or hook a tile to anything you care about.
  • See it, ring it, find it. Yes, if it gets lost or you forget where you left, you can see it on a map and make it ring when you get close.
  • Find your phone. Tile help you locate your phone quickly by double pressing any one of your tiles to make your lost phone ring even when in silent mode.

There is much about tile, grab yours at and make things easy to locate.


Oh, you’ll love this. Easy-Macro makes the Camera your have better! It’s a lens available for smartphones. It’s a 4x magnification that gives your smartphone’s camera close-up powers in its unique, patented design. Easy-Macro fits any smartphone of today. Much more is that –it’s small and stores in your pocket. Takes photos from your smartphone with Easy-Macro! Know more here.


Qliplet is your Everyday Adventure Super Clip. It’s simple. With every luggage or stuff you have, you can easily Clip it. Hook it. Hang it. Hack it. Free your hands and do more in your life. The Qliplet is a revolutionary carabiner with rotating hook that does all. Learn more here. And you’ll get it cheap on Amazon also.


InCharge is a cheap Keyring Charging Cable that’s small and convenient to carry along. It’s portable (1.5 inches long), friendly (compatible with most of the device with MicroUSB connectors), tangle-free, affordable and colorful. Get one on Here is a great video from the company.

Wallet Drone

WALLET DRONE is the only Quadcopter that Docks and Charges INSIDE of a Wallet Sized Controller that Fits in Your Pocket!

Learn more here and see the prize at

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