Toyota e-Palette – The Next Generation EV | CES2018

E Palette | Toyota | CES2018 | Microple

Toyota E-Palette

The second largest automotive manufacturer company Toyota came up with a very nice idea on the Consumer Electronic Show held in Las Vegas. Where they showcased e-Palette Mobile concept which could be expected as future of mobility service.

Toyota named this concept as e-Palette which is an entirely autonomous vehicle with next-generation electric vehicle feature. This vehicle looks like a box in shape with various size as required. They can use for multiple purposes such as delivery people, Pizza, package, and many more.

Toyota @ CES 2018 | Microple

Currently, Toyota needs some more help to make this concept a real-world vehicle. So, they have a mutual partnership with Amazon, Uber, Didi (Uber rival in China), Mazda, Pizza hut to improve this idea. The company is hoping to make a real-time debut of this concept vehicle in 2020 Olympic which will be held in Tokyo.

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This is the first time the Japanese multinational automotive company ever showcased a fully autonomous mobility service. They already have partnered up with Nvidia and Microsoft which give the company a considerable advantage from the software perspective to bring this concept to a real-world vehicle.

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  1. All vehicles should have the safe weight-distribution of 60% on the REAR axle(s) and 40% on the front one(s)!

    • This is just a concept vehicle so they will take all the safety measure that are required by a vehicle, when they bring it to real world.

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