The Creators of Far Cry 5 Decided to save Gamers from Aggressive Turkeys

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 barely got to the stores, and gamers already found in it the most dangerous opponents – and it’s not malicious religious fanatics, but ordinary animals. In the games of this franchise with fauna, everything is not so simple: remember how a whole flock of his fellows fled to Primal to wail a single wolf – or imagine the eagles from the fourth part. It seems that the novelty also did not do without the frightening of the brutality brothers of our smaller ones. But a surprising thing: this time it is not about bloodthirsty predators.

Turkey too strong - Far cry 5
The turkey was too strong

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Those who have already started to pass the next part of the shooter could face an unexpected problem – incredibly aggressive turkeys. Pick up in the dark to the enemy camp? Go first, past the domestic animals, which are bred by its inhabitants. Stumbled into the forest for a wild bird and thought that you could kick a poor creature with impunity? If not, WWF representatives have already recorded your IP, and the innocent victim will not let himself be hurt: be prepared to die under the pressure of the beak and claws.

History knows many examples where the most serious opponents were weak creatures: take at least annoying dogs from Wolfenstein, whose retreat took more than twenty years, or bees, which will forever remain the nightmare of fans of Fallout. However, the birds from Far Cry 5 proved to be so dangerous by mistake. Team Ubisoft Montreal, judging by the unexpectedly funny description of one of the updates, tried to correct the situation: in the patch 1.02 they weakened the deadly birds because they were “too powerful.” Judging by the feedback of the players, this did not help much, so that on Olympus ruthless and unconquerable enemies another star rose.

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