Should You Buy A Gaming Phone?


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A hefty investment with limited use

Gaming Phones are the hottest gaming trend of 2018 as big-time gaming hardware companies such as Razer, and Asus ROG is stepping into the Android market. These gaming phones are specially optimized for gaming on a mobile phone with high-end configurations. Moreover, anything even remotely related gaming has got to have LEDs, and edgy designs that shout out their gaming capabilities and the new gaming phones is no different.

gaming phone
The difference between a gaming phone and a high-end phone

Why is there a rise in gaming phones?

Big and demanding titles such as PUBG and Fortnite are making their way to mobile platforms. Naturally, there is a demand for phones with beefed-up specs, and that’s exactly what a gaming phone is.

How are gaming phones different from normal phones?

Gaming phones are meant to have better specs than other phones in their range. The Razer Phone has a 120 Hz refresh rate and 8 GB of Ram to leave you awestruck when you get your ass kicked in PUBG on ultra settings. On the flip side, they are bulkier and uglier than the regular phones. A gaming phone also carries a gaming price tag, which is usually set up high.

Should you buy a gaming phone?

Finally, the question you’ve all been waiting for.

In my opinion, you should NOT buy a gaming phone and here is why-

A gaming phone cannot be swapped for a regular use formal phone. It’s bulky and edgy design is not suitable for a formal day-to-day work environment.

A gaming phone is rather expensive. You can score a One Plus six at half the price as compared to an average gaming phone (I’m looking at you Razer Phone and Asus ROG phone). Sure, you don’t get a 120 Hz refresh rate, you don’t get a dedicated gaming mode, but you won’t be able to tell them apart when you run a game like PUBG on both the devices.

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So, as of now, it is not wise to buy a gaming phone. However, nothing can be said about the future. Who knows if more demanding games make their way to mobile platforms?


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