Are Gaming Phones the future of Gaming?

gaming phones

There is a flood of Android Gaming Phones in the market, with Razer, Asus ROG and other top-notch gaming companies are stepping into the world of Android with their powerful and vigorously high performing gaming phones. Many other brands such as Xiaomi are also stepping into the gaming phone market.

In addition to the flood of gaming phones, favorite games such as Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Fortnite, which is coming to Android on 26th September 2018. Moreover, this time around at E3 2018, EA and Bethesda gave a stage presentation of Command and Conquer and The Elder Scrolls Blade, both of which are android titles. This has happened for the first time.

With all these gaming phones and hardcore games making their way to Android smartphones, it is a necessity to ask oneself if-
Gaming Phones the future of Gaming.

Well, the answer is not so simple. It is a fact that Android gaming community is rising faster than ever. But it is also a fact that a majority of this community comprises of users who use low-mid end smartphones. It is observed that those who purchase a high-end smartphone use it mostly for administrative purposes and not gaming. The gaming smartphones, on the other hand, come with a high-end price tag.

As a result, the developers are forced to optimize their games for lower-end devices. Yes, specialized gaming smartphones may provide better performance, along with other gimics such as a led lights here and there, but the difference between the performance of an average phone to a gaming phone is negligible to an average gamer.

It is also a fact that hardcore and immersive games such as Call of Duty, The Witcher, Assassin’s Creed and more could never run on a mobile platform.

So, while the android gaming industry is definitely on the rise and will continue to do so, it is safe to say that gaming phones are not the future of gaming since it can’t house massive titles.

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