How Nvidia Took CES 2018 by Storm with Their Out Worldly Innovations

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The CES 2018 was held in Las Vegas this year and marked the beginning of a year which promises to be full of innovations, technology, and gadgets. Almost every techno giant had the chance to showcase what they are working on so that the enthusiast can get a glimpse of the future. Nvidia was no different. Graphics Cards or Video Cards and Gaming are the first few things that come to our minds when we see the word Nvidia or its famed green logo anywhere, but this year it was a bit different. Nvidia had some tricks up its sleeves which once revealed floored many who were present.

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Nvidia Xavier, The World’s First 9 Billion Transistor CPU

CEO Jensen Huang started off for Nvidia at CES 2018 with his trademarked black leather jacket and started off with a bang as he announced the world’s most complex and sophisticated SoC named Xavier which he said Nvidia has been planning and preparing for the last 2 years and is made with a sole purpose in mind. Power, AI transport. The SoC has 9 billion transistors embedded in it which makes the chip the most powerful on the planet. It is an Octa Core, Server Class CPU with 10 Teraflops of performance. (Yes! Let’s just give it a moment to sink in). The SoC has a new tensor core GPU and a new computer vision processor built in it. The SoC has a new image and video processors capable of processing 1.5 gigapixels per second. Huang also demoed a car being driven on the newly developed 12 nm finFET SoC.

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65 inch Native 4K Big Format Gaming Display

Following the AI SoC, Huang had a treat for gamers as he announced a 65 inch 4K Big Format Gaming Display which dealt with the issue of high refresh rate as its 120 Hz refresh rates would give the gamers a quick refresh rate despite being such a mammoth display. The BFGD will be available with native 4K and can also be used as an Android TV. The experience as described by Huang is a stutter-free experience that is sure to leave every gamer spellbound.

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Huang seemed very confident with the timelines he set for Nvidia to achieve the milestones of an AI-powered car. He is very optimistic about the acceptability of its level 4 AI-powered vehicle which he says will be ready by 2020. Right now there is enough to take about Nvidia from CES 2018, especially the 65-inch BFGD. It would be best waiting on where Nvidia gets with the Xavier as there was a time when the world was eagerly waiting for the first fully modular smartphone from Google (via Motorola’s Patents), but instead, they decided to shelve the project entirely. AI-powered transportation is colossal spectrum which probably needs more than just two more years. We will keep our fingers crossed.

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