Razer Phone | Flagship gaming smartphone now official

Razer Phone

“So called gaming phone by Razer”

Various rumors were lying around the internet about a gaming phone by Razer, but now they have made it official. Razer acquired the smartphone company Nextbit earlier this year, and the Razer Phone is the first product to be released after the acquisition.

Razer Phone

Design and feel:

Design wise it inherits the looks and feels of Nextbit’s Robin. The block design makes it look unique and stands apart from the crowd, though the novel design wouldn’t please everyone. The matte color looks quite good and premium, the smartphone is made of an all aluminum chassis, as most phones of this generation. The fingerprint sensor is embedded nicely on the power button, just like the Nextbit Robin. Although the design looks cool and all, the absence of headphone jack will inevitably turn down some buyers. The Razer phone also boasts dual front firing stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos sound, each with their amp. According to Razer, it is the loudest smartphone.

Razer Phone

Internal Specifications:

For a gaming phone, the display needs to be phenomenal. The screen size in Razer phone is a 5.7″ QHD IGZO LCD screen, resolution 1440 x 2560 pixels and with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The refresh rate is variable and changes dynamically depending upon the application in use. This allows for a better battery life. The smartphone uses Snapdragon 835 SoC, just like many flagship phones released this year.

The GPU unit used in this phone is Adreno 540 which perform very well in 3d applications and games. It also comes with a massive 8 GB RAM for multitasking and running heavy applications. The dual camera unit consists of a 12 MP f/1.75 shooter and a 13 MP f/2.6 2x fixed zoom lens. We still haven’t seen any photographic samples to judge its quality. The front camera is an 8 MP shooter for selfies and portraits. The internal storage of the smartphone is 64 GB with expandable micro sd support for up to 256 GB so that you won’t run out of space quickly.

The smartphone is powered by a 4000 mAh battery. Razer has given the following battery stats:

  • movies for 12.5 hours
  • music for 63.5 hours
  • Hearthstone for 7 hours

The Razer phone also supports Quick Charge 4.0; it will juice up your phone from 0% – 85% in just 1 hour. It will be available on November 17 through the company’s online store. The retail price of Razer phone is $699 unlocked.

Although it is advertised as a gaming phone, you would be better picking of a Shield Tablet if you want a much better handheld gaming experience, or better buy another flagship phone which at-least contains a headphone jack ;).

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Kuldeep Gautam loves to play video games and keep updated with the latest trends in technology. Click the author name for more articles from him.