Razer Project Linda – One of the Best Concept in CES2018

Razer Project Linda

Razer never fails to excite its audience with its concept products in the Consumer Electronics Show. Last year the company came up with the best concept of three monitors gaming laptop called project Valerie.So, This year the gaming tech company showcased its all-new idea of using its latest flagship smartphone as a laptop.

Razer names this concept project as Linda under which we can directly mount the Razer phone on to the laptop which acts as a dock station such that we can get the laptop experience of Android which looks similar to the idea that was established by Samsung in its DeX station.

Laptop Spec

The laptop comes with a 13.3-inch QuadHD touch display with the refresh rate of 120Hz similar to that of the phone. It also has the RGB keyboard powered by Razer chroma which gives the laptop a feel like a high-end premium gaming laptop. This device is built-in with 200GB of storage and a power bank which help to quick charge the phone when attached to the dock. It also featured have a Headphone jack, USB type-C for charging and a USB type-a for data transfer.

The phone fits into an enclosure where we usually have a trackpad in every laptop, the enclosure has a USB type-C pin which help’s to power up the laptop and at the same time charge the Razer phone. The Razer phone can also be used as a trackpad for the laptop which makes the product more unique.


Razer CES 2018 | Microple Razer CES 2018 | Microple

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Market Availability

Razer is yet to announce the price and date of availability for this project, mostly every tech company showcase a lot of prototype in the CES but never bring them to the consumer hands, which happen most of the time like its last year project Valerie but always an innovation should be appreciated. We hope it brings this concept into the real world which could potentially change the entire laptop industry.

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