Sony Stops PS4 Fortnite Accounts from Being Used on the Nintendo Switch

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Sony has made it possible to pursue any kind of cross-play connectivity between competitive platforms. PS4 accounts linked to accounts of their epic games are prohibited from logging into the game for the Fortnite Nintendo Switch, thus allowing players to Avoid being able to add accounts.

When the user tried to link the epic account with the Fortnite Nintendo switch. You are welcomed with the following message …

“This Fortnite account is linked to a platform which does not allow it to operate on the switch, neither FortNite website nor the EPIC customer service are able to change it. To play Fortnite on the switch, please create a new account.”

This is more than Sony’s efforts to keep gamers from playing with the PS4 Nintendo Switch or Xbox One users.

Fortnite game

It has an alternative approach to Microsoft and Nintendo, which allows console gamers to be able to play with each other PC and mobile gamers.

Experienced players will probably not be surprised, as Sony has already prevented the crossplay between PS4 and Xbox One. In principle, all game companies would be interested in an interaction – except Sony.

Given that Microsoft and Nintendo are playing catch-up with Sony, they are too open to cross-platform compatibility for gamers to play in. Meanwhile, Sony being the eighth-gen leader by a large margin, they can become anti-consumer anti- PS4 gamers right to play with other console owners. However, you can play some PC gamers PC and PS4, but you are not able to play PS4 games with Nintendo Switch or Xbox One gamers.

Anyway, Fortnite is available on all major gaming platforms and for PC, for free.

You will probably have no choice but to open a new account or to stay on the console. The problem is that you can not transfer your progress to a new account. How do you feel about the whole thing? Does Sony behave silly or understandable? Tell us your opinion!

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