Allo – Quick look at the new smart messenger

Long awaited allo – a fresh messenger from Google have launched. Nowadays people using IMs as their primary communication platform than social networks, e-mail, SMS, phone and the app stores have many such apps. So how does the young messenger can gain crowd, lets discuss its features.

Google launched Allo messenger aimed to unseat Facebook’s Whatsapp from its position as the leading IM. Well its a bit difficult task to do shake the market. Google have been in lead as search giant, but in case of IMs its a different story where no leading players such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo could take lead. It is worth to mention Whatsapp’s parent company’s own Facebook messenger plays its roll below Whatsapp as the IM’s server hit more than a million monthly active users, Facebook messenger has a value near billion active users.

Allo’s first impression

Allo is more than just a messenger. Its smart features make the difference from other messengers. Google assistant is the flagstaff of the messenger. The assistant is different from google now present in android phones. At first sight I thought it was a bot as what Skype or hike employs but its more than a bot, its simple yet smart. The assistant uses its artificial intelligent servers to fetch information that a user need.

Google Assistant

Personal assistant is a growing importance in mobile and cloud world. As of now Microsoft and Apple have the best AI personal assistants, Google’s personal assistant Google now is nowhere equal to Microsoft or Apple’s AI, the search giant is yet to step in to AI assistant zone.

In short Google’s assistant in allo is the minimized version of google now with added features. It allows you to set reminders, take notes, set alarms, translate , watch weather, videos, play fun games, fetch news, search web, restaurants, maps, travel information and more.

Allo comes with a smart Auto reply AI which store all the user message in the cloud and give use a very good suggestion to reply instantly. All the message are being end to end encrypted, in addition to it self timer to destroy the message is also available. Here is a video of the all new Allo

User Experience

Allo’s UI is much simpler compared to other IMs out there. It just need your mobile number to start using the app just like Whatsapp.  The app doesn’t allow users to status messages as what we can get in Whatsapp, hike. With no privacy settings, no detailed notification settings allo is yet need more code time to go head to head with Whatsapp. The app gets gets slow down when a single chat is being used for a long time, that is the more text you send more it get performance hit. Still the Application need more updates and we hope google will make it much faster.

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