Android Auto Will Arrive to All Vehicles of Jaguar and Land Rover in 2019

The possible agreement between Toyota and Google to integrate Android Auto in vehicles of the Japanese brand was announced recently, now it is Jaguar and Land Rover has taken the step announcing that Android Auto will be available in all its cars in 2019.

And it is not a rumour, but it has been a spokesman for Jaguar and Land Rover that has confirmed to MacRumors that the two manufacturers will offer both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay from next year.

Android Auto: As an optional package or as an update

Android Auto is the connected car system proposed by Google and promoted by the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA). Presented in 2014, it was a step forward in the interaction with the vehicle because it was no longer limited to duplicating an Android application, but was fully adapted to the car and it was the smartphone that takes control of its entertainment system.

Android Auto

To be able to use it, two requirements must be fulfilled: firstly that the system of our vehicle supports it, and second, that our smartphone has at least Android 5.0. Well, while Google is gradually incorporating improvements, more and more brands of cars that offer compatibility with Android Auto (even some, such as the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Automotive Alliance, are planning some of their models to integrate Android directly. in 2021).

Jaguar and Land Rover had resisted so far, but according to MacRumors, as of the 2019 model year, all of their vehicles equipped with their infotainment systems InControl Touch Pro or Touch Pro Duo will be available with a package of connectivity for smartphones that will include CarPlay and Android Auto.

The cost of the optional package of connectivity with Android Auto will depend on the model and the level of equipment

Said package will be an optional installation in new vehicles, either at the factory or at the port of entry, and its cost will depend on the model and the level of equipment (but there is the talk of a starting price of $280).

In addition, current owners of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles with the aforementioned entertainment packages will have the opportunity to upgrade their software at a dealership to add support for Android Auto and CarPlay. In this case, itis not clear if there will be an additional charge.

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