Android O first Developer Preview: Great features spotlight.

Google's Android O

Next Version of Android.

We love Android OS as much as we love Google Pixel. Yeah, Google announces Android O, and we’re going to have some spotlight on the new, as well as improved & redesign features coming to Android OS.

With Google developer preview, which grants the developers an early look at Android O so as to give them a frame to make their apps compatible with the new features of Android O’s  API’s and guidelines.

What’s new in Android O?

Perhaps the most important feature in Android O is its Background limits. This feature puts a big priority on improving your smartphone battery life as well as the device’s interactive performance.

The developers of Android O create an automatic limit to what your apps can access in the background. This is a vast improvement we would have to experience when we get access to Android O in our smartphones.

Users will get extra battery life and the great improvement in the app’s performance.

Here is the list of notable O features.

Notifications:  you will enjoy this feature from Android O. Tired of receiving all your favorites’ apps notifications while at work or busy? No more with Android O.

Android O gives you a choice to manage which kind of notifications you will need from each app, rather than getting all of them like we normally get with our Android smartphones of today.

It’ll also give you an alternative to group similar notifications.

Users can block or change the behavior of each channel (app) individually, rather than managing all of the app’s notifications together.

Android O notification channel
Android O Notification Channel

This new visual changes will make it easier for users to see what’s going on when receiving messages.

Autofill APIs: Well, if you are an Android user, you typically depend on password managers to either Autofill login details or repetitive information just to make it easier setting things up.

Android O comes with a platform support that will assist to Autofill user information by adding new APIs to implement this service.

Adaptive icons: For Developers. Helps them create adaptive images that change in different shapes based on a mask selected by the device and it can also animate.


Connectivity: Android O ultimately supports high-quality audio codecs like LDAC codec as well as adding new Wi-Fi features such as Wi-Fi Aware.

Also, devices with appropriate hardware (Wi-Fi Aware technology smartphones made for Android O) will allow apps and nearby devices discover each other without the need for internet connectivity.

WebView enhancements: With Android O, the multiprocess mode is enabled by default.

Android O developers will also add an API to let your app handle errors and crashes as well as enhance security and app stability.

And the list goes down…

Well, Android lovers are going to be excited about the features that come with Android O.

As this is the first Developer Preview, many other features may be available in the next preview and likely it will even be better than we grasp now.

Let’s wait for the next updates from the great Android_O Developers, before its final release in Q3 2017.

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