Android P: What You Missed

Android P: What you missed

With Android P, Google highlights three key areas to deal with – intelligence, simplicity, and digital well-being.

To help keep your phone running for as long as possible before charging you, Google will take battery endurance A big focus of Android P. Google collaborated with Deep Mind to create a new feature called Adaptive Battery, using device learning to learn habits Your use of just draw battery power for Android apps and P know that you are using – not often because they are extra running in the background. In addition, background processes are also transferred to low-power cores.

Android P - Adaptive Battery

Computerized learning is also used for another new feature called adaptive clarity. Android P will teach your manual changing habits to your brightness based on the environment around you, and Google indicates that service testers will manually change their brightness much less.

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When you switch to Android P, Android P will now display the suggested “app actions“. Under the top-of-the-page apps, you’ll see actions to run running on Strava, making a call to a specific contact, and so on. App actions are also in Google Search. If you’re looking for movie tickets, you might see an action to order them in the Fandango app.

It was rumored earlier this year that Android P will introduce a motion-based navigation system, which is exactly what we get. The section at the bottom of the screen will take you to your Recent Apps page, which is now displayed on the left and right carousel showing apps you’ve recently opened or apps that Android thinks you’d like to open. If you slide back, you’ll be taken to the Apps drawer.

Other features include better screen management and a button to rotate your screen even if you turn on your phone when automatic rotation is turned off, the volume controls are on the left when the default media volume is now, and a new gesture does not interfere with the name Shush will play DND when inversion Reverse phone.

Android P is available today for pixel phones as well as the Nokia 7 Plus, OnePlus 6, Xiaomi Mi Mix S2, Essential PH-1, Sony Xperia ZX2, Oppo R15 Pro, and Vivo X21.

Finally, following the trend of having better digital well-being, Google adds a new mood down to Android P. After telling an assistant what time you want to go to bed, your screen will switch to grayscale color and turn not to disturb once your bedtime rolls.

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